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Play Any Games on Android using Chainfire 3D

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, December 1, 2011


Android is a great mobile OS but since manufacturers can use any type of hardware games and apps compatibility can be an issue. You might for example want to play a Tegra2 only game like on a non-Tegra2 device. If you do so you may end up with white textures and other issues. That’s before using Chainfire 3D which solves all those issues, Chainfire 3D is a must have for rooted Android devices (phones or tablets).

Disclaimer: Please note that we will not be responsible if you end up bricking your device. Rooting or customizing your device can be risky, follow the instructions at your own risk.

Chainfire 3D is “an intermediary OpenGL driver. What does that mean? It means that Chainfire3D sits between your apps and the graphics drivers, and can intercept and/or change commands between the two. It has some built-in functions, and can be further extended with plugins to provide extra functionality.” (from Android Market).

You will need to root / jailbreak your Android device prior to using Chainfire 3D. You can get a better idea of how to install and use Chainfire 3D in the YouTube video below:

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You can find more information about Chainfire 3D on XDA @ Chainfire3D [ROOT][OpenGL ES 2.0+].

Chainfire 3D can be installed from the Android Market, it comes in 2 versions: Free or Pro ($3.99).

Plugins to emulate PowerVR, NVidia or Qualcomm GPUs can be found on Google and then installed in Chainfire 3D. This driver does require a powerful device and in our tests it did perform very well on various devices.

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