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Top Features of the HTC Sensation XL

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, November 3, 2011


The HTC Sensation XL is a huge phone and one that stands out due to its size and also its specs. So what are its best features and will it be a success?

HTC has given the new HTC Sensation XL a huge 4.7inch display, while though not the same size as the Samsung Note, it is almost as large. Fortunately the phone isn't quite as large as you think it would. The phone has an LCD screen which we found to be good indoors, though lacking a little in direct sunlight. Its size does make it great for watching video or browsing and to be frank we loved it, so once you get over its size it is a great device to have in hand.

HTC has also lent the phone the same processor that was found in the other Beats phone the Sensation XE. This is a huge 1.5GHz dual core chip which as you can imagine from the specs doesn't really struggle with much thrown at it. Add to this a GPU and a total of 768MB of RAM and you have a phone that when unleashed can really offer a lot. The chip is great for multitasking and watching video and we could not recommend this phone enough if you want to engage in heavy handed tasks.

The device comes with Android Gingerbread which we also admire on this phone, but also on other devices. The new software is extremely smooth and when teamed up with the Sense 3.5 user interface HTC is placing on all of its modern phones we can't help to be impressed by the whole experience and though we await Android 4.0, this is as good as it gets at the moment.

HTC has also given the phone the excellent 8mp camera from the original Sensation, this can produce 1080p video and we must say we were very impressed with it and really enjoy the way it looks on the large screen.

The Beats technology that the device comes with is amazing and really is the way forward for phone companies in terms of making their product different. The bass is clear and the earphones have a definite feeling of quality many other devices don't have. In fact the whole experience is top class and we really would recommend the Beats addition.

Overall the Sensation XL is a vast improvement on the original and a great mobile phone deal for those looking for an upgrade. Like the original Sensation it is an excellent entertainment device and one of the best Android phones going – although the XL is particularly great for music lovers.

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