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How To Overclock Your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 2

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, November 11, 2011


Each and every cellphone carrier got its own version of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 which became the best selling Android smartphones on the market while Samsung took the lead over Apple in smartphone shipments worldwide. T-Mobile’s Galaxy S 2 version came a bit later in the US than other carrier’s versions but developers still jumped on it and continue developing new kernels and custom ROMs for it. Romanbb @ XDA along with Team Kang released a custom kernel which overclocks the T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 to up to 1.89 GHz. More info after the break.

Disclaimer: Please note that we will not be responsible if you end up bricking your device. Rooting or customizing your device can be risky, if you follow the instructions you should be fine!

It’s worth stating that out of the box the Galaxy S 2 runs at 1.2 GHz so increasing its speed to up to 1.89 GHz is quite impressive.

So what does this kernel do? [from XDA]

OC up to 1.836 ghz
should boot into stock frequencies
added BFQ I/O scheduler and made default
patched drivers from newer Telus 989D source
added zram
working init.d support
check the change log for ALL of the additions!

You can find the files to download and all the instructions to install this custom kernel and overclock your T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 on XDA @ [1.89ghz OC/UV/BFQ/BLN] [Team Kang].

You’ll find the changelg below:

0.3 - Nov 6
- added BLN! (use neldar's BLN control app from the market)
- tweaked ondemand gov
- added 1.89ghz step
- any weirdness going past 1.72 should be fixed
- added snapdragon compiler flag optimizations

0.2 - Nov 4
- added zram (must enable through init script, more on it below)
- patched drivers from Telus 989D source (newer, less debugging)
- increased voltages to more stock-like values (uv by yourself)
- boots up into stock frequencies (384 - 1512) (oc by yourself)

0.1 - Nov 3
- initial release

Follow the instructions @ ROOT T-Mobile SGSII via ODIN -- Updated Recovery in order to root / jailbreak your T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 prior to installing this custom kernel.

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