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VegaComb 3.2 Build 9n and 9b Update

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, October 2, 2011


VegaComb 3.2, a custom ROM that brings Honeycomb 3.2 to the Advent Vega tablet and its variants, has been updated again! Build 9n and 9b have been released just a few days ago and fixes a couple of issues. As a reminder VegaComb 3.2 is a full native port of Honeycomb 3.2 to the Advent Vega tablet which is fully optimized for this device. Find out what’s new in VegaComb 3.2 Build 9n and 9b after the break.

You can see what has been added to VegaComb 3.2 build 9b and 9n Update 3 in the changelog below:

VegaComb 3.2 Build 9b und 9n Update3 Features:

  • Update1+2 included
  • The clock and date issue should now been fixed for all
  • GPU RAM reduced to 96MB , more RAM for Apps
  • support for high Wifi channels like 12 + 13
  • new Honeycomb market
  • support for the soon coming GPS App included
  • Fix for Bluetooth MAC addressing to hopefully make BT work correctly now.
  • Above fix should now also make WiFi considerably more stable.
  • Fix for people who were experiencing issues with the Market not being able to install apps.
  • Working Deep Standby
  • Updated camera lib
  • Re-added App Drivemount

You can find more details about VegaComb 3.2 build 9b and 9n as well as all the files to download and install on XDA @ [3.2] Vegacomb 3.2 Build 9n and 9b Update3.

The YouTube video below shows VegaComb 3.2 Build 9 in action on the Korean version of the Advent Vega (UX100):

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