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Install Ice Cream Sandwich Wallpapers and Ringtones & More

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, October 30, 2011


Recently we were telling you about how to install the new Ice Cream Sandwich Roboto font on any Android device, getting a new font is great but what about new wallpapers, ringtones etc. Yes, it is indeed also possible to install new ICS wallpapers, ringtones and widgets on those same devices. 3xeno @ XDA made it extremely simple for all of us to enjoy some ICS sweetness on our older Android devices. More information after the break.

There are 12 new wallpapers which have been extracted from Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Let’s have a look at 2 of them in the screenshots below (Chroma and Noir):


Those 2 look pretty good and the 10 others are not bad either, you can download them on XDA @ Android 4.0 ICS Stuff. Simply get the file called ICS, extract the jpg files from it and copy to your device.

In addition to the new Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers you can also download new ringtones ( and an analog clock widget (ICSAnalogClock_1.0.apk, AnimatedICS_Clock.apk). The files and instructions can also be found on XDA @ Android 4.0 ICS Stuff.

Remember you can also install the new ICS Roboto font, check our instructions @ Install ICS Roboto Font on Any Android Device. You can also get the new ICS Google Music app @ Install Google Music 4 from Ice Cream Sandwich or Google + @ Install Google + from Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

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