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VegaComb 3.2 Build 8.1–Honeycomb for Advent Vega

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, September 24, 2011


The team behind VegaComb 3.2 is making some great progress on bringing you the best possible Honeycomb experience for your Advent Vega tablet. They’ve recently released build 8.1 of their Android Honeycomb 3.2 SDK port and with it comes some nice improvement such as the camera and Bluetooth working for example. It does look great so let’s find out more about VegaComb after the break.

You can see what has been added to Vegacomb 3.2 since Build 6 in the changelog below:

VegaComb 3.2 Build 8.1 Features (if you installed update build8, you must install this over to get camera working and other things):

  • Working Bluetooth (better support that patch for beta7. Remember to reboot your tablet with wifi on so new mac address for BT can be created)
  • App Launcher with 4 rows
  • Power button sleeps instead of launching shutdown menu

Previous Releases:
VegaComb 3.2 Build 7 Features:
  • Issue with the Browser not correctly setting and saving the UA string has now been resolved. Sites like BBC iPlayer should now stop redirecting you to the wrong version of the site.
  • Issue where the market was charging people in dollars has been fixed.
  • Certain apps not showing in the Market (Like MyPlayer and ITV Player) has now been resolved.
  • Microphone is now fixed! Voice search, voice chat etc will now work correctly.
  • OpenVPN support has been added (thanks for the nudge Scanno! :P)
  • Issue where the RTC (clock) would not correctly keep time updated when the tablet was either off or sleeping should now be resolved.
  • Issue with Alarms not working correctly should now be resolved.
  • Potential fix to the Accelerometer Lag issue, as part of this, the Lock Rotation switch on the top of the tablet has been disabled. Please report back and let us know if this has helped accelerometer responsiveness in games!
  • Again, more stuff I've probably forgotten :P

If you want to know more about VegaComb, check out our previous posts: VegaComb 3.2 for Advent Vega, VegaComb 1.7 – Honeycomb for Advent Vega.

The following YouTube video gives a pretty good overview of VegaComb 3.2 Build 8.1:

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You can find instructions and the download information for VegaComb 3.2 on XDA @ [ROM] [3.2] Vegacomb 3.2 Build 8.1.

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