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Top 6 iPhone Apps for Business People

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, September 5, 2011


As technology advances, it is more important than ever before to have the best tools when running a business. Technology found in smartphones has made conducting business more productive and efficient. There are several great apps available for the iPhone that will allow anyone to achieve more success in the business world. The only way to compete is to have the best tools, and they are now accessible on every iPhone. To download apps onto an iPhone, an internet connection is needed either through your data network, a wired connection, or through WiFi.

imageAT&T and Verizon are the two internet providers for the iPhone, but every app is available on both of them. So no matter which internet provider you have, you can take advantage of these essential tools and help yourself succeed in the business world.

Keynote is a great application that allows you to view and create presentations. If you are constantly presenting proposals and reports, then there is no app that is more vital to success than Keynote. Once you have the presentation prepared, you can go over it anywhere on your iPhone. If you find a mistake or want to change something, this can also be easily done on your phone. Downloading Keynote will allow you to perfectly execute every presentation you have in the future.

The GoToMeeting app allows for every business person to save time and money. Having meetings and conference calls used to require you to take time out of your day to attend them in person. GoToMeeting allows for you to have a meeting or conference call from any location. Conference calls are easy to set up and can be attended by an unlimited number of people when using this iPhone app.

Genius Scan
The Genius Scan app allows you to scan a document, save it to your phone and send it to anyone as a PDF file. This eliminates the need to make copies of important document. They can now be sent to multiple people instantly on your iPhone. Since it also saves the documents, you can now also have every important file with you at all times. Genius Scan makes sure you no longer have to go back to the office or carry hundreds of documents.

Intuit GoPayments
Have you ever needed to collect a payment, but the customer does not have cash? This will no longer be a problem after you download Intuit GoPayments on your iPhone. Intuit GoPayments will let you process credit card payments anywhere using your phone. The app instantly sends the information to your bank after you enter the credit card information and the amount of money transferred.

To Do
To Do is a great app for any busy business person. Downloading this app will eliminate the need to hire an assistant to help you through your day (it’s possible). Once the app is downloaded, you can easily enter all of your important meetings for each day. Once all the information is enter, To Do gives you an easy-to-follow schedule for the day. This application is a great way to keep track of everything that you have going on daily.

Roambi is a great tool for anyone that works at a large company. With the Roambi app, you can easily track how your company is doing and view the latest news. Knowing what everyone else thinks of your company is essential to success, and this is now obtained easier than ever before.

Blake Sanders is a tech writer at US broadband comparison site Broadband Expert. Blake specializes in writing on internet providers, cell phones, as well as the latest in high speed internet news and information.

Note: Photo courtesy of linneberg via FlickR Creative Commons.

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