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Windows Phone 7 Backup Tool v1.6

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, August 8, 2011


We’ve talked about Windows Phone 7 Backup Tool previously, this app created by hx4700 Killer is written in .NET and has the ability to backup entirely your Windows Phone 7 device. It uses the Zune updater tool in order to accomplish its backup or restore task. In its latest update (v1.6) a couple of new features have been introduced: manage backups and archives, simpler installation (will install Support Tools and PKS files if necessary), path settings can be changed.

Windows Phone 7 Backup Tool 1.6 requires Zune to be installed and version 4.7 is recommended as 4.8 has some compatibility issues with the backup app. If you would like to do a complete backup of your Windows Phone 7 device, download the app @ Working App to Backup Windows Phone 7 via ZUNE ANY TIME.

You can find the changelog for this Windows Phone 7 Backup App below [from XDA]:

v1.6 - Added the ability to set all of the paths (requested by folks using languages other than english). Added some management capabilities for the backups. To archive the active one immediately or move an archived backup to the active folder.
v1.5 - This only adds proper path support for windows XP. If you are using the 1.4 version and don't have XP then there is no need to upgrade.
v1.4 - Works with Mango Beta if you have updated Zune assuming you have also updated the 4.8 support tools. It will check the versions and inform you of any issues found. Also corrected the blank error message issue some users were seeing. 4.8 support tools, check the second D/L (non) link:
v1.3 - Changed the path used for backup location to the LOCALAPPDATA environment variable rather than USERPROFILE to be more compatible with XP. If you don't have the windows phone backup tools installed the software will offer to DL and install them silently for you. The PKS file is now packed in with the software. If you don't have a PKS file set it will offer to unpack it and use it by default. I didnt add ZUNE install to this because well, if you don't have that your not really using your phone are you?

You can find more information and all the installation instructions on XDA @ Working App to Backup Windows Phone 7 via ZUNE ANY TIME.

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