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VegaComb 3.2 for Advent Vega

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, August 20, 2011


We’ve been following the VegaComb custom ROM for the Advent Vega for a little while now and a brand new release based on Honeycomb 3.2 just came out as VegaComb 3.2. This is a major breakthrough and based on the developer’s comments this is a full fledged native port of Honeycomb 3.2 with hardware acceleration etc. So if you own an Advent Vega tablet you'd better start picking up this VegaComb 3.2 ROM. More info after the break.
VegaComb 3.2 Build 6 brings the following new features [from XDA]:
•Due to some apps not correctly supporting 160 DPI (which is a shame, because I much prefer it) we have now switched to 120 by default. These app devs are going to have to fix these issues for the upcoming 7" HC tabs, because they will have the same problems.
•You can still switch back to 160dpi if you prefer it and don't use these incompatible apps using LCD Density changer apps from the Market.
•Added a whole bunch of changes to make 120 DPI nicer, including a launcher fix and a fix for the "Floating Tabs" issue in the browser.
•Audio changes in the kernel which should hopefully cure distortion at max level. Please check this out and report back!
•ADB reboot recovery now works, for those of you who want to dev, makes life a little nicer.
•Most market issues should now be fixed, failed installs and missing apps should hopefully be resolved. Some region specific apps like BBC iPlayer still do not show, we are looking in to this. Some apps, such as Facebook do not show, but this seems to be due to the app itself not supporting 3.2, also looking in to this, but these appear to be "normal" issues.
•Other stuff I've forgotten as always :P
You can check out Honeycomb 3.2 running on an Advent Vega tablet thanks to VegaComb 3.2 below:
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You can find instructions and the download information for VegaComb 3.2 on XDA @ [ROM] [3.2] Vegacomb 3.2 Build 6.

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