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5 Great Movie Players for the Android

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, August 27, 2011


In this day and age, technology offers users the option to use their Android devices as not only phones but also mobile access to the internet, music, movies, and television. Downloading using mobile broadband to install media on your Android device can be a simple way to pass time or keep up-to-date on the latest releases. The issue comes when deciding what media platform to use to stream your movies. With so many choices available, it can seem daunting to select the one that will work best for your device. Here are 5 great movie players for your Android device.
Using the same style that you are accustomed to in the PC version, the RealPlayer Android app is an all-in-one media player designed for use on the go. Movies are easily accessible through thumbnail pictures, and voice search allows you to quickly find your favorite clips. This app is also great for organizing music and photos, as well as sharing your favorites through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
(Courtesy of Flick Users: kalleboo and Johan Larsson)
With support for nearly all video formats and audio codecs, VitalPlayer has a smooth playback that plays at 30 frames per second. This player also supports MP4 playback. With the basic functions like rewind and fast forward paired with brightness and subtitles, VitalPlayer is a great all around movie player.
While your Android device comes with a movie player installed, often the format and layout of this player is not adequate for the user’s needs. As a replacement for the generic player, mVideoPlayer expands the possibilities and options available. Screen rotation allows you to view your movies from any side after enabling this option. Be sure the format of your movie is compatible with your device, as this player will expand the capability of your device.
Those looking for a player that will be compatible with their iTunes account can use doubleTwist to sync and play movies and music. This player can import your media and also maintains the ratings within your iTunes account as well. You can also upgrade to AirSync to sync your media over a mobile broadband network without worrying about cords. The interface within the player is also easy to use and intuitive.
By far, the player with the most personalization and playback options is MoboPlayer. Using software decoding, MoboPlayer allows you to play formats that are not normally supported by your device. This player also offers gesture-based controls, allowing you to change brightness, volume, and playback position without pulling up the main menu controls. The volume keys can also be customized in their control functions to control either the volume or the playback position. In addition to the excellent interface, the video playback is clean and smooth, without the hiccups and stops and starts found in some other players. With MoboPlayer’s ability to play many formats of movies, its customizable controls, and its crisp playback, it provides sizable competition in the mobile movie player market.
When selecting a movie player for your Android device, it is important to highlight the abilities and interface options that are essential to your media needs. Perhaps you require the ability to transfer your media over mobile broadband. Select a player that meets your needs and allows for the widest variety of format playability and provides smooth playback.
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