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VegaComb 1.7 – Honeycomb for Advent Vega

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, July 8, 2011


Zebwen @ XDA is hard at work on a Honeycomb port for the Advent Vega tablet and released recently VegaComb 1.7 which provides some major improvements like Flash videos support, a YouTube hack to watch videos using the YouTube app, a brand new boot animation, a major speed improvement, Bluetooth support etc. If you own an Advent Vega tablet, you definitely want to try this custom ROM. More information after the break.

VegaComb 1.7 introduces the following improvements [from XDA]:
  • Rebel1's 3G patch is now built-in to this build by default.
  • The /data/tombstones folder will now be automatically cleared out every reboot, to try and avoid it devouring all of your available /data space.
  • The default Browser has been edited to remove the Asus homepage and replace it with Google, also has been added as the first bookmark.
  • Default dictionaries have been added to the default keyboard by popular demand! Languages are: En, De, Cs, Es, Fr, It and Nl.
  • Default system wallpaper has been changed from the boring blue stock Honeycomb one to a much nicer abstract wallpaper.
  • A whole multitude of wallpapers have been added to the built-in Wallpaper-Picker, this is a mix of the nicest wallpapers I could find from the Acer Iconia, the Asus Transformer, the Motorola Xoom and some custom ones from around the net!
  • The Youtube app has been re-hacked to dramatically increase the quality of videos. The HQ option now works correctly to switch between high and low quality, and (while not 720p) the higher setting is VERY crisp and clear compared to before.
  • FLASH! Ahhhhahahahhh (think Queen). download the OFFICIAL flash player from the market (10.3 currently), download Opera Mobile from the market, watch flash. Simples. Green bar glitching, ghosting and other flash strangeness should now have been all fixed. Flash video can still be a little jerky as it is being rendered in software, overclock to get around this if you feel you have to (but it does work well at the default speed!)!
  • Brand new (extra shiny) boot animation has been added.
  • The required default /system partition size for all future VegaComb releases is 155mb, we now have much more room to play with which removed a HUGE limitation that was actively holding me back!
  • More? Who knows, my memory is crappy :P
You can check out VegaComb 1.6 in the YouTube video below:
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As you can see this port is working quite well on the Advent Vega tablet, there are still a couple of things that are not working fine but this is a beta and remember that Google hasn’t released yet the source code of Honeycomb… hopefully they’ll do it one day.

You can download VegaComb 1.7 @ [ROM] VegaComb BETA 1.7 - by TeamNewCo and TeamVillain.

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