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Windows Phone 7 Backup Tool

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, June 15, 2011


hx4700 Killer @ XDA released recently a backup tool for smartphones running Windows Phone 7. This utility is called Windows Phone 7 Backup and it does allow you to backup your Windows Phone 7 device using the Zune Updater tool. It does perform a complete backup of your phone so you can do a full restore when needed, quite useful given that no official tools offer this capability for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Windows Phone 7 Backup version 1.2 is the latest release, it is written using .NET and requires to have the Zune software installed and a Windows Phone 7 smartphone running at least WP7 OS version 7008.

The Windows Phone 7 Backup app can be downloaded on XDA @ Working App to Backup Windows Phone 7 via ZUNE ANY TIME.

Its main features are described below:

This is a COMPLETE backup and COMPLETE restore. Your phone will be EXACTLY the same after a restore as it was when you did the backup. Any updates, file changes, registry entries, or texts will not persist that were not on the phone at the time of the backup.

There has been 2 versions released of this backup utility:

v1.2 - Added archive capabilities. If you choose to backup your device and a backup is in place you are asked if you want to archive it. If you choose to keep it then a folder in your documents called "Windows Phone 7 Zune Backup Archive" is where it goes. Each backup will go in to a folder labeled by the date/time it was created. The format will be Month-Day-Year Hour-Minute-Second so you know exactly from WHEN the backup was from.
Added a Restore Button that will use the latest restore if that is all you have, or ask if you want to browse and choose from the archived backups to restore. Whichever you choose will become the "Active" backup to zune and then the restore will take place afterwards. The former active backup is automatically placed in the archive. When the restore is completed the SAME backup you chose is still the active one so using ZUNE to do the restore will yield the same result.
***IF you have multiple devices the archive portion will work fine, however I have yet to find a way to identify which ID is which device so when you choose to restore from an archive YOU will have to pick the correct one or it won't work.

v1.1 - Updated where the code looks for the windows phone tools to accomodate installs of zune to alternate locations.

You can get more information @ Working App to Backup Windows Phone 7 via ZUNE ANY TIME.

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