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Install Google Talk with Video Calling on Any Android Device – How To

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, May 6, 2011


Google recently released an update to Google Talk which now allows Video Calling, while the news is exciting the update was restricted to the Nexus S devices. Fortunately britoso @ XDA released Google Talk with Video Calling which can be installed on any rooted Android device running Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

britoso made a slight but important modification to the code to make it work on any device:

Deodexed, made a one line comment in the smali, recompiled,!!!
File edited: \com\google\android\talk\SigninActivity.smali
Deleted line (#1141): invoke-interface {v4}, Lcom/google/android/gtalkservice/IImSession;->logout()V

There are different ways to install Google Talk on your device, you could use ADB (see the instructions @ or more easily there is now a flashable zip file which you can download @ (for CyanogenMod 7):

  1. Download the @
  2. Install from recovery
  3. Restart your device

If you want to be able to make audio/video calls even over 3G/4G you can download the file instead @

If you haven’t rooted your Android device yet you can browse our articles, we most likely have covered how to root your Android phone.

You can see Google Talk with Video Calling running on a Nexus S in the video below:

";" alt="">

You can get more information @

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