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Doodle Shapes for iOS – Game Review

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, May 13, 2011


Our friends @ Blazing Applications have released a brand new game called Doodle Shapes for iOS devices: iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (HD version). We reviewed their previous game Miner Escape a few weeks ago: Miner Escape. In Doodle Shapes you control a shape (Circle, Square, Hexagon and Star) so that it falls from one platform to the other. If you miss a bar or get stuck you lose and restart from the beginning, it seems very simple but Doodle Shapes is quite challenging. Let’s have a look.

What we like about the games made by Blazing Applications so far is that they’re easy to control and the controls are very reactive. Doodle Shapes is no exception, it is very easy to pick up and enjoy. You will use your iOS device accelerometer to control the shape and go from one bar to the other.

The graphics are nice as well, you can see what Doodle Shapes looks like in the screenshots below:



  • “Doodle” style graphics
  • Controls are simple and reactive
  • Black Out mode extends the longevity of the game
  • Doodle Shapes is quite hard so be prepared to die many times…

Final: 8/10
Doodle Shapes is a simple and fun game for iOS which will entertain you for a while. Doodle Shapes is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on iTunes for $0.99.

You can get more information about Doodle Shapes @

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