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Advanced Configuration Tool for Windows Phone 7 is Out

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, May 7, 2011


Julien Schapman (aka schaps) released recently a new beta version ( of his Windows Phone 7 tool called Advanced Configuration Tool. This app allows you to customize your Windows Phone 7 icons, themes, sounds etc. along with several other features. It is currently compatible with several WP7 devices from LG, HTC and Samsung.

Advanced Configuration Tool is easy to use and allow you to fully customize your Windows Phone 7 device as you can see below [from Advanced Configuration Tool for Windows Phone 7 Beta]:


Version of Advanced Configuration Tool brings many new features, Advanced Configuration Tool now provides many advanced capabilities including:

  • Display device info: device name & model, software & hardware versions, memory info, storage info, IP addresses, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth MAC addresses
  • Customize accent colors, create new colors, add predefined colors, remove existing ones
  • Customize system sounds and set individual volume for each sound event
  • Customize tiles and icons for applications including built-in [EXPERIMENTAL] (HTC & LG only Tiles must be named AppTile_*.png and placed in \Windows directory, as well as icons must be named AppIcon_*.png)
  • Provisioning XML support: open provisioning XML files from file explorer, email attachment or web link (HTC & LG only It will open .xml files, not .provxml files, so rename it if needed)
  • Personalize device name
  • Don't dehydrate apps on pause
  • Allow max unsigned applications
  • Prevent phone from relocking
  • Enable Wi-Fi 802.11n mode
  • Show 3G toggle
  • Show 3G+ icon for HSDPA
  • Run Auto Data Config
  • SMS recipient limit
  • Allow disable lock screen timeout
  • Enable advanced accessibility settings
  • Fix caller ID match
  • Fix 32-bit mode display
  • Internet Explorer search engine
  • Internet Explorer new tab page

Advanced Configuration Tool can be downloaded @

You can see how to customize a Windows Phone 7 theme using Advanced Configuration Tool in the YouTube video below:

";" alt="">

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