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Overclock Your ViewSonic G Tablet – How To

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, April 25, 2011


The ViewSonic G Tablet is a budget friendly Android tablet and it just got even better with a new custom kernel which allows you to boost its CPU speed to 1.4 GHz. This makes the ViewSonic G Tablet faster than the Motorola XOOM and the iPad 2 for example. Now all we can ask for is to have Honeycomb running on the ViewSonic G Tablet ;)

This new custom kernel has been released by pershoot @ XDA and is compatible with the ViewSonic G Tablet as well as the Malata Zpad.

The custom kernel overclocks the G Tablet CPU speed to up to 1.4 GHz and also provides the following features:

-Initial release for Viewsonic’s Gtablet/Malata Zpad
-merge up to nvidia’s 10.9.9
-merge up to’s
-add NTFS (w./ write support (proceed with caution if writing!)),AUFS,CIFS,FUSE,TUN,HFSPlus,NFS Client v3/4 (kernel modules; pull the desired module from lib-2632.38.tar.gz and place in to /system/lib/modules/ and use insmod to insert) and EXT4 (in-built)
-DM_CRYPT/Ciphers/Routines,Namespaces support,Errata’s 430973,458693,460075
-add ondemand,interactive,userspace cpu governors (ondemand default)
-tweak cpufreq_ondemand a bit (use values from vision-2632)
-cortex-a9/vfp cc -O1 optimisations, using CodeSourcery’s 2009q1-203 ARM-EABI toolchain
-pull in a few changes from vision-2632
-use bcm4329, Version 4.218.248-23, FW Version 4.218.248-18
-add MP/PPP/TP/OE and USB Serial,IPV4/6,Netfilter, and Queuing options
-oc to 1.4GHZ; min mv: 875, max mv: 1200
-reduce voltages
-statically compile koush’s anykernel for use with harmony/tegra2, and add an unpackbootimg script

You can download this custom kernel @

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