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Install Honeycomb on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, April 9, 2011


A few days ago we were telling you that spacemoose1 @ XDA had been able to make great progress on his Android Honeycomb port for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. So far the download for this port was not available but you can now go ahead and try out Honeycomb on your Samsung tablet.

Please note that we will not be responsible if you end up bricking your device. Rooting or customizing your device can be risky, if you follow the instructions you should be fine!
It has so far been confirmed to work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab from Sprint and Verizon.
This is an alpha build that should be used for development purposes, the following is functional [from XDA]:
  • Base system
  • Hardware acceleration (with some errors)
  • Modified KhasMek Voodoo OC 1.4 kernel (needs improvement)

Everything else is not working: GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi, accelerometer, SD access, etc.
Check out Honeycomb running on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab in the YouTube video:
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The installation instructions are simple:
  • Step 1: Backup everything you care about.
  • Step 2: You must convert your system to EXT4. There are many methods for doing so, but the easiest two are: Download "Verizon Tab Bootstrapper" from the android market, or install Boushh's kernel which includes a built-in conversion script.
  • Step 3: Download the current build (below).
  • Step 4: Wipe data, cache, and dalvik, then install zip via recovery and reboot.
Of course you will need to root / jailbreak your Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet, see our instructions @ How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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