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How To Root your HTC Thunderbolt

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, March 19, 2011


The HTC Thunderbolt is basically the HTC EVO 4g or HTC Desire HD for Verizon, same screen size, same CPU and it supports 4G on Verizon LTE network. We knew the HTC Thunderbolt had been rooted for a while but the folks behind the root procedure were waiting for the device to be released prior to revealing how to root it. Well the HTC Thunderbolt is now out on Verizon and it is rooted!

You can see an HTC Thunderbolt review in the Youtube video below:

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Follow the instructions on how to root / jailbreak your HTC Thunderbolt @ [Exclusive] How To Root The HTC Thunderbolt – Instructions By Team AndIRC (V1.01 2011/03/18).

Just be aware that rooting the HTC Thunderbolt isn’t very easy yet and that there are no custom recovery or kernels available for it yet.

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