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How To Overclock Your Motorola XOOM

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Motorola XOOM has been out for a few days and it has already been rooted (see @ How To Root Your Motorola XOOM) and now overclocked successfully to 1.5 GHz. Thanks to this overclock hack the Motorola XOOM CPU becomes much faster than any other tablets’ CPU including the iPad 2.

Before you start you’ll first need to root your Motorola XOOM tablet, to do so follow our instructions @ How To Root Your Motorola XOOM.

Note that we will not be responsible if you end up bricking your device, rooting or customizing your device can be risky. If you follow the instructions carefully you will be fine!

All the credit goes to coolbho3000 @ XDA who released this procedure to overclock the Motorola XOOM. This hack assumes that you have the Android SDK ( installed on your computer.

Follow these instructions to overclock your Motorola XOOM:

  1. Download this zip file @
  2. Extract the zip file to a directory on your computer
  3. Type the following command on your computer to reboot your Motorola XOOM into the bootloader:
    adb reboot bootloader
  4. Now using fastboot install the boot image into your Motorola XOOM tablet
    fastboot flash boot xoom_ocboot.img
  5. Type the following command to boot back into Honeycomb:
    fastboot reboot
  6. Finally copy the bcm4329.ko file to the /system/lib/modules folder on your tablet:
    adb remount
    adb push bcm4329.ko /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko
  7. Type the following to reboot your Motorola XOOM
    adb reboot

All set!

You can see how fast the Motorola XOOM is when overclocked to 1.5 GHz in the YouTube video below:

";" alt="">

You can get more information on XDA @

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