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Honeycomb Port for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, March 28, 2011


Porting Honeycomb (Android 3) to the various Android tablets out there is not an easy task given that the source code for Honeycomb is not available yet and that there are some driver or kernel issues but this didn’t stop spacemoose1 @ XDA who has managed to boot Honeycomb on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The port is not fully working yet as you can expect but it gives us a taste of Honeycomb.

The video drivers are now working fine, there is still a lot of work to be done on the memory issues, Wi-Fi and touch screen but spacemoose1 is getting closer to a working port. You can follow the progress and change log on XDA @

As you can see in the screenshots below Honeycomb is booting up on the Galaxy Tab which is in itself an amazing achievement [from XDA]:



Honeycomb for the Samsung Galaxy Tab cannot be downloaded yet but when it will be available it will require a rooted Galaxy Tab so check out our instructions @ How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

You can get more information about this Honeycomb port for the Galaxy Tab @

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