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FullHDMI application for HTC EVO 4G

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, March 12, 2011


FullHDMI is an app created by orrebmas @ AndroidCentral which mirrors your HTC EVO 4G display onto an external display (HDTV for example) using the EVO HDMI port. Finally a good use for that HDMI port Winking smile This application is currently in public beta but FullHDMI is stable enough if you feel adventurous.

FullHDMI has a few limitations which are the following:

  • Sense: As of the latest release, FullHDMI only runs on Sense based ROMs. Plans to include AOSP are there but not until the core functionality reaches a mature enough state for Sense.
  • Root: The latest release broke the app on non-rooted devices which was working in the alpha stages. So for now root is a requirement.
  • Kernel: HDMI drivers had to be modified to enable hardware acceleration, and a special kernel is required as the drivers have to be compiled in. The kernel is needed for one of the two main modes of operation (see modes of operation below). It is necessary to run in hardware mode, but not needed for software mirroring.
    This Kernel is totally stock HTC's 2.6.32 with the custom drivers added. It is not based off of netarchy's Kernel or any other. This may change in the future; the custom drivers are public.

If you haven’t rooted your HTC EVO 4G yet, you can check out our articles @ unrevoked 3.3 now supports latest HTC EVO HBOOT.

You can see FullHDMI in action on a EVO running CyanogenMod 7 below:

";" alt="">

The developer is making great progress and has been able to implement many of the requested features as you can see below:

  • User control over audio:[DONE] This feature allows the user to select whether to route the audio through the HDMI port or keep it on the phone playing through the speaker or the headset.
  • Support for any kernel with or without custom drivers. (Custom drivers provide 35%+ more FPS) [DONE]
  • Support for AOSP ROMs. [DONE, audio only through phone]
  • Support for CM7. [DONE, audio only through phone]
  • Support for non-rooted phones.(software mode) [DONE]
  • Support for non-rooted phones.(hardware mode)
  • Support the following resolutions:
    HD_720p @ 1280x720 [DONE, some flicker]
    SVGA @ 800x600 [DONE, NO flicker]
    PAL @ 720x576 [DONE, NO flicker]
    EDTV @ 720x480 [DONE, NO flicker]
    VGA @ 640x480 [DONE, NO flicker]

You can download FullHDMI @ [FullHDMI] Official FullHDMI beta discussion

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