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Run Android Honeycomb on the Nook Color

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, February 3, 2011


The Nook Color continues to amaze us, not only can it be converted into a full fledged Android tablet but it can now also run Honeycomb (Android 3.0). So if you want to get some Honeycomb taste even before the Motorola XOOM gets released this might be your chance!
Android 3.0 or Honeycomb is the first Android release designed with tablets in mind, so it is nice to see it already running on the Nook Color. We have to thank deeper-blue @ XDA for this port!
You can see the Nook Color running Honeycomb in this YouTube video:
You can also see below what works or not in this Honeycomb port for the Nook Color:
*02/02/2011 updated to v02*
*now with sound and some graphics improvements. Can play non-hd videos from site. Also sdcard storage is available now.*
What works:
-Graphics acceleration
-Sleep/Wakeup stuff

Doesn't work:
-Sound (sadly! Despite my efforts the last hours I didn't get it working properly yet)
-DSP e.g. no hardware video decoding
You can download the Honeycomb port @
The following instructions can also be used to install Honeycomb on the Barnes and Noble Nook Color:
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