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Windows Phone 7 Port for HTC HD2

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, January 14, 2011


The day has finally come, we were all wondering if the HTC HD2 would see a port of Windows Phone 7 anytime soon and after 5 months of development it is now a reality. The Dark Forces Team brought Windows Phone 7 to the HTC HD2 community yesterday. The cloud services (Xbox Live, Marketplace etc.) were not working in the beginning but it took only a few additional hours for the XDA community to release an hack for that. 

You can see in the video below Windows Phone 7 running on a HTC HD2:

As you can see it does work very well for a port, Windows Phone 7 is now another viable option for the HTC HD2 users.

The following features are said to be working [from]:

  • System starts quickly, after flashing the first boot needs about 20 seconds up to start settings.

  • Battery can be charged normally in WP7 OS. Testers reports that power consumption is normal.

  • Phone functions are working: call answer, dial without problems and good sound quality, speaker volume is very large, volume +,- keys works fine. During a call when you can adjust the volume.

  • SMS send and receive works without problems, display Chinese symbols right.

  • Import contacts from the SIM card works, the Chinese text displayed correctly, contact editing all normal. Setting ringtone working.

  • Camera works, all the features available, including the 720P video. (Photo-Flash sync is slightly buggy, better make photos without flash).
    Green camera can be used for camera activation.

  • WiFi turn on, turn off, fast, and works for available networks properly, unable to make detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).

  • Bluetooth functional normally, but have not detailed settings (common WP7 system issue).

  • Program interface and system UI works correctly, features fully stocked.

  • The system date, time, normal, alarm clock works correctly.

  • Calendar have all functional.

  • Internet Explorer all functions works, up to 6 pages possible. multitouch works.

  • Office - all functions are available.

  • The music and video player works.

  • Picture view works, including multitouch.

  • Lock screen interfaces works normally, show event reminders, wallpaper, and appear on screen quickly after power button press, everything OK

  • Sync with the Zune works.

  • USB function can be achieved (by modifying the registry on the PC side), you can read, write, everything works.

  • Accelerometer works, autorotation works with beautiful effects.

  • Screen brightness control can be manually controlled. Automatic works fine too.

  • Ability to choose custom wallpaper works.

  • Lock screen, unlock correctly, including password

Head over to the Dark Forces Team website @ to get started.

To activate the cloud services (Xbox Live, Marketplace etc.) follow the instructions from ceesheim @

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