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Run Meego and Ubuntu on Samsung Nexus S

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The Samsung Nexus S appears to be a very versatile device like its predecessor the Nexus One. It is possible to overclock it to 1.4 GHz and now it is also possible to run not just one different operating system but two: Meego and Ubuntu. Meego and Ubuntu were the first non-Android operating systems to run on the Nexus S thanks to stroughtonsmith @ XDA.

Of course this hack does require a rooted Samsung Nexus S device, if you haven’t done it already follow our instructions @ How To Root Your Samsung Nexus S.

You can see Meego running on the Nexus S in this YouTube video:

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Here is what works for Meego on the Nexus S so far:

What works:
• ADB root shell
• X11 & UI apps
• Super-AMOLED brightness control (fixed! still off-colour tho…)

What doesn't work currently:
• Touchscreen
• WiFi
• Anything else :-P

To install Meego on the Samsung Nexus S go to

For Ubuntu, stroughtonsmith is porting the HD2 version which we covered in the past: How To Run Ubuntu on HTC HD2. If you feel brave enough to try this on your Samsung Nexus S head over to for the instructions.

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