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How To Overclock your Archos Gen8 Tablet

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, January 24, 2011


If you’re interested in overclocking your Archos Ge8 Internet tablet like the 101, 70 or 43 you will be interested in this. ardatdat @ XDA released a custom kernel for the Archos Internet Tablets that can overclock your tablet to up to 1280 MHz. This kernel brings a smooth user experience and is said to be stable.

The kernel has been tested successfully on the Archos 70 Internet Tablet and should work fine on the Archos 101 or Archos 43.

You can have a look at the kernel features below [from XDA]:

2011-01-17 (Updated!)
- Not guarantee to work with $aur0n's 0.4.1 initramfs. Please use 0.2/0.3 initramfs (boot from SD) if you get problems
- More stable & smooth
- Overclock to 1280Mhz (Stable in playing NFS shift for a few hours - I am in Tokyo track now...)
- Remove 250Mhz and add 600Mhz (as 600Mhz is needed for SetCPU to display correctly)
- Fix the SetCPU 'time in state' problem
- Revert the bluetooth driver
- Cherry-pick more commits (refer to my github)
- Special thanks to $aur0n's initramfs

To install this custom kernel you will need to be using a SDE (Special Developer Edition) firmware which you can find @

Then follow the instructions [from XDA]:

What you need to do is:
1) Install SDE
2) Get the initramfs from this post (download the and extract it):
3) Replace the zImage with the new overclocked kernel
4) Boot into SDE recovery menu and copy the initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage through USB cable
5) Boot into SDE developer OS
6) You should get all your apps here and have superuser right now
You will now have read/write access to /system/ or /data/ ...etc.

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