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How to Flash Android to HTC HD2 NAND memory

Posted by techhackz-admin Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The HTC HD2 continues to be a very versatile device, not only does its hardware remain relevant but it can also run many different OSes including Android. We have covered Android on the HTC HD2 in the past but in a groundbreaking development it is now possible to flash Android directly to the HTC HD2 NAND memory. The main advantage with this method is that you can directly boot into Android without even starting Windows Mobile and Haret.

What is also interesting with this hack is that it uses MAGLDR to load the Android OS in the NAND memory. This approach was developed to bring Windows Phone 7 to the HTC HD2 which is now a reality: Windows Phone 7 Port for HTC HD2

Before you get started make sure you meet the following requirements [from Flashing Your First HD2 NAND Android Rom [For Newbs]]:

1. YOU NEED A RADIO WHICH SUPPORTS 576 RAM (2.08.50 or later should be fine but the Radio NEEDS to be 2.**.50.**). I recommend the Radio @
2. YOU NEED HARDSPL 2.08 INSTALLED ON YOUR DEVICE TO FLASH MAGLDR [TechHackz: follow our instructions @ HardSPL Package for HTC HD2 was just released.]
3. Download MAGLDR 1.11 package from and extract to an empty folder
4. Download NAND Android ROM from Forum and extract to an empty folder

In case you missed it you need to unlock your HTC HD2 with HSPL 2.08 before you can use MAGLDR, to do so follow our instructions @ HardSPL Package for HTC HD2 was just released.

You can see Android Gingerbread running on the HTC HD2 from NAND memory in the YouTube video below:

";" alt="">

To flash Android to your HTC HD2 NAND memory, check out some very comprehensive instructions by mskip @ Have a look at the forum @ to download Android ROMs for the HTC HD2.

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