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joojoo-7-OSX – Modified Windows 7 OS for joojoo Tablet

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, December 18, 2010


joojoo is a Linux-based internet tablet that has been out for quite a while, it is powered by an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor, it also has a dedicated GPU, Wi-Fi, a camera and a 12 inch touch screen. Not bad for $499! When it came out the reviews weren’t great and the joojoo tablet as is is most likely dead now but the company behind it (Fusion Garage) should release new products for us next year. Anyway the current joojoo tablet can do some pretty amazing things like running a custom Windows 7 release. Let’s have a look.

joojoo-7-OSX is a custom OS released by Kain-II @ JooJoo Forum. Kain-II is using a Windows 7 base image, some parts of the OS have been removed to make the OS work better on the joojoo tablet. joojoo-7-osx is finger friendly and multitouch is also implemented, this is quite impressive.

Check out the video below of JooJoo-7-OSX, it definitely looks promising:

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If you want to install joojoo-7-osx you can find the files @ or

See below some of the features included in this OS (in English and French):

- Fonctions :
* All drivers are installed - only WIFI Driver (joint) -*Tous les drivers sont installés - sauf le Driver WIFI (fournit)
* SATSUKI Pack Decoders + MPC in auto-install -*Auto install de SATSUKI Pack Decodeurs + MPC
* Multitouch in 2 points (Magnification.dll is implanted) -*Multitouch en 2 (implantation de Magnification.dll)
* Restore system and backup are desactivated -*Restore system et sauvegarde ont été désactivés
* Personnalized menu with more fonctions -*Menu personnalisé avec plus de fonctions
* Many services are deleted or desactivated -*Plusieurs services ont été supprimés ou désactivés
* REG SYSTEM is personnalized -*REG SYSTEM est personnalisé
* Fonction Aero peak, shake and 3D Flip (paste shortcut on your desktop) are present -*Les fonctions Aero peak, shake et 3D Flip (coller le raccourci sur votre bureau) sont présents
* All services about Streaming and Network sharing are enables -*Tous les services de Streaming et partage réseaux sont activés
* Firwall (of course) -*Pare-feu...
* Additionnal Pack Interfaces UI (Pack JOOJOO-UI) -*Pack additionnel Interfaces UI (Pack JOOJOO-UI)
* MUI Language files for ENG and Dutch (see on Google for the install) -*Fichiers MUI Language pour ANG et Allemand
* RECOVERY directory is deleted (Spend the stage on the TUTO) -*Le dossier RECOVERY a été supprimé (passer l'étape sur le TUTO)
and more...

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