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Game Review: EggRoll for Android

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, December 17, 2010


EggRoll is a new game for Android and iOS created by the folks at Lamplighter Games. EggRoll is quite similar to games like Teeter which comes preloaded on some HTC devices, you control a soccer ball, an egg or a glass ball using your phone’s accelerometer and try to make it through 96 levels. Should you be interested? Let’s have a look.

EggRoll is quite easy to use, the controls are nicely done: you rotate your device to control your ball or egg and make sure not to hit any spikes otherwise you lose. The game uses gravity to keep your ball on the ground, so turn your phone whichever way you need to avoid the spikes.

The graphics are a bit cartoonish which makes EggRoll stand out from the crowd, we definitely liked that. The soundtrack is a bit repetitive but still enjoyable. Take a look at the following screenshots to get a better idea of what EggRoll looks like:

Game Review: EggRoll for Android Game Review: EggRoll for Android Game Review: EggRoll for Android


  • Easy to control
  • Nice ‘cartoonish’ graphics
  • Great physics engine: try the egg to find out
  • OpenFeint integration for those of you who like it


  • Quite repetitive but more levels should be added with EggRoll’s updates
  • A few bugs here and there

Final: 7/10

We found EggRoll to be a nice game: the graphics are great and it is very easy to pick up. Trying to master the egg control though will take you a while! Don’t expect to finish this game in an hour…

EggRoll is available on the Android Market for $0.99 and now also on iTunes for the iPhone, iPod and iPad ($0.99 as well).

You can get more information about EggRoll @

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