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How To Permanently Root your T-Mobile G2

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The T-Mobile G2 didn’t have a permanent root until now, thanks to scotty2 @ XDA we now have a permanent solution. We will have just have to wait a little bit until we can install custom ROMs on the G2 but we can be sure it’s coming!

This permanent root solution will root / jailbreak your T-Mobile G2 and requires the use of an application called VISIONary. If you haven’t heard of VISIONary until now, have a look at our article about it:

Note that I won't be responsible if you end up bricking your phone, rooting your phone can be risky and requires technical skills.

All the credits for the root process go to scotty (donate via PayPal: [email protected]) and unforgiven512 (donate via PayPal: [email protected]) for the instructions. It wouldn’t have been possible without them so consider it.

Follow the instructions to permanently root your T-Mobile G2 [from [GUIDE] Perma-root and flash ENG HBOOT]:

  1. Download the files from (You need 3 of them: hboot-eng.img, wpthis-OTA.ko, wpthis-pre-OTA.ko)
  2. Use VISIONary to get temporary root privileges on your G2 (see How To Root Your T-Mobile G2 in One Click)
  3. Copy the ko file (pre-OTA or OTA depending on if you applied an OTA update or not) and hboot-eng.img to /data/local/ on your device
  4. Open up a command prompt or ADB and type:

    $ su

    # insmod /data/local/wpthis-[YOUR_VER].ko

    You should see this on your device:

    init_module 'wpthis-OTA.ko' failed (Function not implemented)

  5. Now type:
    # dd if=/data/local/hboot-eng.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18
  6. Close your command prompt if necessary
  7. Launch VISIONary to get root privileges again
  8. From a command prompt or ADB, type:
    $ su
    # sync
  9. Reboot after a minute or two

All set!

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