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How To Install Android Market on Archos 101 Tablet

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Archos has been producing tablets and media player for quite a while. They have started releasing Android tablets back in 2009 and their latest tablets look really promising: Android 2.2 (soon), lighter than the iPad, 10 inches display for the Archos 101, front facing camera for only $299… not bad! Well the bad part is that it comes with their own version of Android Market but as usual there is a way to work around it.

The Archos 101 is really exciting, you can get more information about it @

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Update (12/29/10): gAppsInstaller v5 has been released, check it out @ Archos Apps Installer Updated to v5 – Full Android Market Access. Use Archos Apps Installer on Froyo.

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To install the standard Android Market on the Archos 101 and other Archos tablets like the 28, 32, 43 or 70 Internet tablets, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you're using firmware 1.0.70, it might work with others but this hack was designed for it
  2. Download the gApps4Archos.apk file @ (use one of the mirrors)
  3. Copy gApps4Archos.apk file to Archos disk drive
  4. Install it using your favorite File Explorer
  5. Follow the installation steps and wait for its completion.

You’re good to go, you can start using Android Market on your Archos 101 tablet and others.
See below the Archos 101 in action using Launcher Pro:

All the credits go to M4rk3t @

You can find more information about the hack @

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