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Co0kie’s Home Tab 2.0 - Final Release

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, November 20, 2010


Co0kie’s Home Tab 2.0 - Final Release We’ve been covering Co0kie’s Home Tab (CHT) for a little while and this past week Co0kieMonster released the final version of CHT: v2.0.0. CHT 2.0 is a complete rewrite over the old versions and comes packed with many enhancements. Co0kie’s Home Tab is HTC Sense 2.5 modification which adds tons of features to HTC Sense and Windows Mobile.

You can check out Co0kie’s Home Tab v2.0 beta in the following YouTube video:

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You can download Co0kie’s Home Tab 2.0 and follow the instructions @

Here is a list of the changes made in CHT 2.0:

#v2.0.0 (changes since public beta) - 12/11/2010
-[new] sms and email notification shortcuts will jump to CHT
-[new] option to disable non-edit mode popup menu
(CHTEditor->Widget settings)
-[new] option to make toggle switch turn on bluetooth in
discoverable mode (CHTEditor->Miscellaneous)
-[new] option for original flip clock animation
-[new/fixed] updated chtstate v1.08g
-[change] tab and state links are no longer part of the base
CHT cab - available as addons
-[fixed] phone hardkey not working
-[fixed] tab change bug when only a single home widget page
is set
-[fixed] left/right swipe stops working
-[fixed] various quick/free links assignment and move bugs
-[fixed] independent quick links bugs (invisible link presses)
-[fixed] quick links layout bug when setting a lower
max row count
-[fixed] quick links disappearing text
-[fixed] sms and email mark read on timeout will only be set
if the widget is currently on the screen
-[fixed] sms and email swipe not active on the lockscreen
-[fixed] missed calls notification icon not updating correctly
-[fixed] bugs with "don't repeat multiday appointment" option
-[fixed] WM6.5.x detection method
-[fixed] sms/email popup menu exiting
-[fixed] wallpaper previous/next/random links with
very wide walls
-[fixed] widget might disappear after being unpinned
-[fixed] pinning widgets close to or over the edge of the screen
-[fixed] free links size on lockscreen
-[fixed] appointment/tasks list hides independent quick links
grid when it should not
-[fixed] add a link page in landscape
-[fixed] wide wallpapers move up after live change
-[dev] custom operator text and foreground layer changes
are live (no need for manila restart)
-[dev] updated the setup.dll for addon widgets to add as
small install safeguard
-[dev] separated appointment/tasks list and popup menu graphics
-[dev] addon links framework added

#v2.0.0 Public Beta - 26/09/2010
-[new] major upgrade - first public release

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