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QuickShutdown application for Windows Mobile

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, October 31, 2010


QuickShutdown application for Windows Mobile QuickShutdown is an application developed by petititi @ XDA which is very similar to Slide2Shutdown except it is not using the .NET framework. QuickShutdown can be used to easily and quickly turn off or restart your Windows Mobile device, version 1.5.4 was released recently.

QuickShutdown is very fast and is simple to use as you can see from the screenshots below:

QuickShutdown application for Windows Mobile QuickShutdown application for Windows Mobile

You can download QuickShutdown @

Have a look at the changelog for QuickShutdown [from XDA thread]:

What's new 1.5.4 New:
Short power button feature (run a program, turn screen off...)
You can choose to lock when screen goes off
What's new 1.5.3d New:
Font for Hebrew and vietnamese languages [Reality now]
What's new 1.5.3b:
Problem with backlight when restart [fixed]
What's new 1.5.3:
New slider to run any program or script
New languages
Few minor bugs [fixed]
Special bootload for s200 (and maybe other acer) proposed by Stefano_1986_
What's new 1.5.2:
Bootload OK for HTC devices (tell me for other !)
What's new 1.5.1:
Image not rescalled with QVGA devices [fixed]
MessageBox "Your language file need update..." pop up without reason[fixed]
What's new 1.5:
This version include a new user interface to modify the labels of slider and hide/show sliders.
We can show :
- a slider to shutdown the device
- a slider to restart the device
- a slider to put the device in sleep mode
- a slider to turn off the screen (to listen to music with screen off for example)
- a slider to go into boot screen (not working well for now [fixed])
What's new 1.4.2:
Reactivity improvement.
What's new 1.4.1:
Background is now transparent for everyone ( Language is working even if Regional Settings are not set to English. Now reality!
Graphism update thanks to lesscro

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