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Palm Pixi Overclocked to more than 800 MHz

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, October 21, 2010


image The Palm Pixi is the second WebOS device from Palm after the Palm Pre, it comes with a different form factor including a non-sliding keyboard and a smaller screen. The folks at WebOS Internals who overclocked the Palm Pre before have now successfully overclocked the Palm Pixi. They’re now doing some additional testing and speeds of up to 900 MHz could be possible.

This brand new overclocked kernel for the Palm Pixi is currently being developed and WartHog Kernel is leading the development. It’s worth noting that the LG Ally, an Android device, uses the same CPU and the new kernel developments were made possible thanks to the work of both the WebOS and the Android community!

The following picture was sent out as a teaser showing a Palm Pixi running at 806.4 MHz:


And you can see in the following video that the Pixi works great once overclocked at close to 900 MHz:

The kernel hasn’t been released yet but you can follow WartHog Kernel @ to learn more about the overclock solution.

The WebOS Internals folks are asking for a donation to help buy a couple of testing devices, if you’d like head over @ to donate.

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