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How To Root Your T-Mobile G2 in One Click

Posted by techhackz-admin Tuesday, October 19, 2010


image The T-Mobile G2 cannot be permanently rooted yet but the folks at Modaco have published a very easy one-click root solution to temporarily root your new T-Mobile G2 device. This simple rooting application is called VISIONary you simply install it and launch it whenever you need to root your device.

All the credits for this root application for the T-Mobile G2 go to Paul @ Modaco.

VISIONary requires USB debugging to be enabled in order to work and the application is now available on the Android Market.

Here is the changelog for VISIONary [from 17/Oct r8: VISIONary - one click temproot for G2]:


  • More optimizations - please re-read initial post for an update.
  • Far more reliable root sequence
  • Optimizations
  • Process is now faster and ultra reliable!
  • Run on boot can now be toggled from the main screen
  • Application will no longer let you root if you're already rooted
  • Changes for Market compatibility (regular download not updated).
  • Application now warns if USB debugging is not enabled
  • Added run-on-boot version
  • Now using tmpfs for reliability (thanks disconn3ct)
  • Superuser.apk now lives on /data/app so settings persist (thanks disconn3ct)
  • Initial Release

If you want to get more information about VISIONary and how to jailbreak / root your T-Mobile G2 you can go to 17/Oct r8: VISIONary - one click temproot for G2.

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