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How To Overclock Your T-Mobile G2 / HTC Vision

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, October 23, 2010


How To Overclock Your T-Mobile G2 / HTC Vision A few days ago we were discussing how to root your T-Mobile G2 and now that it has been unlocked coolbho3000 @ XDA has managed to develop a new kernel which overclocks the T-Mobile G2 / HTC Vision to up to 1.42 GHz. See the instructions after the break.

First you will need a rooted device check out our article to jailbreak / root your T-Mobile G2:

Then head over to XDA @ to download the kernel (vision_oc.ko).

Now as root run the following command on your T-Mobile G2:

insmod /data/local/vision_oc.ko

This will set the speed of your G2 device to 1017.6 MHz. To overclock or underclock your device run the following command:

insmod /data/local/vision_oc.ko pll2_l_val=53 where 53 multiplied by 19.2 makes up the CPU speed –> 53 x 19.2 = 1017.6.

Use 74 to reach 1.42GHz: insmod /data/local/vision_oc.ko pll2_l_val=74

Once overclocked use SetCPU to check out the CPU speed, the temperature etc.


Use caution and don’t use higher numbers, see the note below from coolbho3000:

be careful! I ran into freezing issues somewhere between 76 and 80, so I figured 74 was stable for my G2, and I've been running it at that all day. If it freezes try 73, 72, etc. Every phone is unique - your mileage may vary. You may even be able to get higher than me

Check out this video to see an overclocked T-Mobile G2 in action:

If for any reasons you want to reset the CPU speed simply reboot your device!

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