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Game Review - Angry Birds for Android, iOS, Palm Pre and Nokia

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, October 17, 2010


Game Review - Angry Birds for Android, iOS and Nokia Angry Birds is finally available on Android and it is time for us to have a look at the phenomenon. Angry Birds is a puzzle game developed by Rovio in which you will have to break pigs’ castles using birds. The story is basic: the pigs stole birds’ eggs and now the birds are angry. This game is addictive!

Angry Birds is available on almost every mobile platform: Android, iOS (for iPod, iPad and iPhone), WebOS (Palm Pre) and for the Nokia N900. While Microsoft announced Angry Birds will be available on Windows Phone 7 the developers (Rovio) have said they have no plans for it yet… time will tell.

Angry Birds has a very cartoonish look and feel and is extremely funny, you got to see the pigs, the birds, the ducks etc.! The gameplay is simple you throw birds at a structure to bring it down, the structure represents a sort of castle in which a few pigs are hidden, you have to kill all the pigs to complete a level.

Have a look at the Angry Birds trailer below to familiarize yourself with it:

We tested Angry Birds on both the iPhone and on Android using an HTC EVO 4G, the games are pretty much the same with a few differences: two of the golden egg levels have been changed (thanks ERicJ!) and it is free on Android but you’ll see ads popping up, don’t worry they’re not disruptive.


  • Great gameplay, very simple to use
  • Funny: the look and feel is perfect, the pigs and birds are sweet
  • The music and the sound effects go extremely well with the rest of the game
  • Many hours of gameplay, there are many many many different levels to try.


  • A bit repetitive like any puzzle games
  • No multiplayer mode

Final: 8/10

Angry Birds will keep you entertained for a while and I can assure you that your friends and your entire family will want to play it!

You can get more information about Angry Birds @

Angry Birds is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99 (iPod, iPhone & iPad), on the Android Market for free (with ads), on Palm WebOS Applications for $1.99 and on the Nokia Ovi Store for $1.99.

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