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Windows Phone 7 Look And Feel for Android

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, September 23, 2010


Windows Phone 7 Look And Feel for Android Windows Phone 7 devices will be released pretty soon and its unique design has now been duplicated for Android devices thanks to the work of newone757 @ XDA. Some will love this new design others may not like it as it is quite different from what you find on the iPhone or Android. See the instructions after the break.

The new layout is called Android Phone 7 and looks great as you can see from the (bigger) screenshot below:

Windows Phone 7 Look And Feel for Android

If you’d like to try it out on your Android device go to [Layout] Android Phone 7 (HDPI) and download the files. Android Phone 7 works with Launcher Pro Plus and ADW Launcher.

To use it with Launcher Pro, follow these instructions [from [Layout] Android Phone 7 (HDPI)]:

You have to change your home screen to use 5 rows of icons.
1. You have to install Launcher Pro (and activate Plus features to be able to resize the widgets properly)
2. Install Desktop Visualizer
3. In LauncherPro settings, set appearance of the dock to custom, and use the dock from the new layout.
4. Under advanced set rows to 5.
5. Change app launcher icon to
6. Remove icons from dock.
7. Create Desktop Visualizer widgets of the appropriate size and configure them to look like the layout.
8. Enjoy!

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