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Overclock Your Palm Pre to 1 GHz

Posted by techhackz-admin Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Overclock Your Palm Pre to 1 GHz You read it right the UberKernel for the Palm Pre pushes its CPU to 1GHz, this actually doubles the CPU speed of the Palm Pre which by default runs at only 500MHz. UberKernel is an open source project created by the folks at WebOS Internals that is now available through Preware the application installer for WebOS.

Let’s take a look at some of UberKernel’s features [from]:

  • 720MHz, 800MHz and 1GHz operating points (based on the open source OMAP3440 kernel, ported by uNiXpSyChO)
  • All Linux 2.6.24 frequency governors (conservative, ondemand, powersave, userspace, performance)
  • New screenstate governor, which runs at a higher speed when the screen is on and at a lower speed when the screen is off (created by uNiXpSyChO)
  • OMAP3430 internal CPU temperature sensor (ported by ka6sox and rwhitby)
  • CompCache is enabled
  • Omitting (as much as possible) TMC errors patch is included
  • Temperature measurement is available
  • Temperature limiting

If you’re interested follow these instructions to install UberKernel:

  1. Open up Preware
  2. Search for UberKernel (type uber for example)
  3. Select UberKernel for Palm Pre/Pre+ and install it
  4. Once the installation is done, your Palm Pre will reboot
  5. Go back to Preware and search for Govnah then install it

Use Govnah to make sure you can overclock your Palm Pre CPU.

You can see UberKernel in action in this YouTube video:

To get more information about UberKernel go to

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