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How To Root your Samsung Epic 4G

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, September 5, 2010


image The Samsung Epic 4G is the latest Android 4G phone released on Sprint, it is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S which now can be found on pretty much all the major US carriers. joeykrim @ SDX-Developers released a root procedure that gives you permanent root privileges on the Samsung Epic 4G.

Rooting your device can be risky and it may void your warranty. You’re following this process at your own risk, we will not be responsible for any damage caused to your device.

Again all the credits for this hack go to joeykrim @ SDX-Developers!

See below the instructions [from *Confirmed* Root on the Epic - adb root exploit]

Description: This is a temporary patch to guarantee permanent root. Once custom kernels are released with root incorporated, this patch won't be required anymore.
For now, this patch will execute on every boot ensuring the root environment is correctly setup

1 - Download: (recommended to to right click and choose Save As)
Please follow all directions exactly. Copy/paste the commands.

2 - Commands for copying downloaded files to phone:
adb push c:\downloads\rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin /data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin
adb push c:\downloads\ /sdcard/
adb push c:\downloads\jk-su /sdcard/jk-su
adb push c:\downloads\playlogo /sdcard/playlogo

3 - Commands for temporary root Exploit:
adb shell
chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin
cd /data/local/tmp
exit will exit out of the adb shell, and then type adb shell again. this time it should drop you to # instead of $.
if it goes back to $, run the exploit again,
cd /data/local/tmp
and exit out of adb and then adb shell again to see if its # .
if it doesn’t work the first time, repeat 4-5 times. it will work!

4 - Commands for permanent root:
after you type adb shell and have # (because of the exploit just ran), type these commands:
adb shell
mount -t rfs -o remount,rw /dev/block/stl9 /system
cat /sdcard/ > /system/bin/
cat /sdcard/jk-su > /system/bin/jk-su
mv /system/bin/playlogo /system/bin/playlogo-orig
cat /sdcard/playlogo > /system/bin/playlogo
chmod 755 /system/bin/playlogo
chmod 755 /system/bin/

5 - Confirming Permanent Root:
Please reboot
adb shell
The prompt should change from $ to #.
Congratulations, you have permanent root!

Enjoy your rooted Sprint Samsung Epic 4G!

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