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Run Android 2.2 on Your HTC HD2

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, August 2, 2010


Run Android 2.2 on Your HTC HD2 Just a few weeks back Android wasn’t even running on the HTC HD2 and now various flavors of Android including Froyo (aka Android 2.2) work fine on it! All of this thanks to the hard work of the folks over at XDA who have managed to port the latest Android releases.

This Android 2.2 ROM for the HTC HD2 is based on the AOSP HTC Desire build and was released by DarkStone1337. You can see Android 2.2 running on a HTC HD2 in the following embedded video:

Nearly everything is working fine except: [from XDA thread]

Camcorder (unless if you use a 3rd party app)
GPS (its not even in the kernel, don't get mixed up with triangulation!)
Ringtones (unless if you download (copy and paste the link) and copy the media folder to the root of your sd card)
SIM contacts need fixing, none show at the moment
Update: Seems like bluetooth is a no go for now
Some apps don't work, I will be looking into these issues

You can download the Android 2.2 ROM and follow the XDA thread @

You will need an unlocked HTC HD2 if you plan on using a custom ROM, you can unlock your HD2 using the instructions @ HardSPL package for T-Mobile HTC HD2.

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