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How To Overclock Your HTC Windows Phone

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, August 8, 2010


image NetRipper @ XDA recently released an application called Msm7kCpuSpeed which allows you to overclock or underclock many HTC devices running on Windows Mobile. Devices like the HTC Touch Pro 2 or the HTC Touch Diamond can now be set to use 710MHz instead of their default CPU speed which is 528MHz.

So far Msm7kCpuSpeed supports the following HTC devices:

  • HTC Touch Pro (Raphael)
  • HTC Touch HD (Blackstone)
  • HTC Whitestone
  • HTC Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium)
  • HTC Touch Diamond
  • HTC Touch Diamond 2 (Topaz)

You can follow the XDA thread and download Msm7kCpuSpeed @ The installation is extremely simple: download the CAB file, copy it to your device and use your favorite File Explorer to install the application on your phone.

Before using Msm7kCpuSpeed you should read the following note from the XDA thread:

Notes on overclocking
2) Only works while connected to AC power (depending on device)
3) The "604MHz" OC frequency is a special one. Only with this frequency set, you can remove AC power without having a lockup. So: after you overclock and want to remove your USB cable, set it to 604MHz first! You'll see it go back to the default 528MHz a second after you remove the cable. That's something the device does, not my app.
4) Overclocking while on battery gives insta-hang (for me). It seems this depends on the device.
5) Use "Apply at boot" wisely! If you use a setting that is unstable, your device may not boot up anymore! You'd need a hard-reset (factory settings).

NetRipper released a similar utility for the HTC HD 2 called LeoCpuSpeed, if you’re interested you can check our article @ How To Overclock your HTC HD2.

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