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MaxSense UI is here for Windows Phones

Posted by techhackz-admin Thursday, June 3, 2010


MaxSense UI released for Windows Phone devices We have been following MaxSense a user interface replacement for Windows Phones over the past few months and it has now been released in some custom ROMs. It is not yet released as a CAB so you will have to download a ROM to use it. MaxSense 1.0 looks amazing and provides incredible customization capabilities!

MaxSense is a HTC Sense 2.5 modification like Co0kie’s Home Tab created by maxycy, here are some of MaxSense features:

  • Full Screen ( Wallpapers 960x800 )
  • 3 Home Widget Screens ( Scroll left/right )
  • 75 Quicklink accessible on all tabs
  • Tab launcher screen accessible on all tabs
  • Full Taskbar with dropdown features accessible on all tabs
  • Widgets ( a lot of customization options and more to come )
    - Clocks ( Analog, Digital, Slide )
    - Alerts ( Calendar, Call History, Mail, SMS, Alert Display Panel )
    - Quicklinks ( 3 additional program shortcut widgets )
    - Communication ( Wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode )
    - Others ( Weather, Music Player, Favorite Contacts, Internet Search, Blank Panel )
  • General Settings
    - Weather Animation
    - Rotation
    - Autolock
    - AutoMute
    - Taskbar ( Hidden/Maximized/Minimized )
    - Text Color ( includes bottom arrow but exclude all widgets text which you can set individually )

You can follow the XDA thread @ and download the EnergyROM for example that now comes in a MaxSense flavor! If you don’t know how to install a custom ROM on your device you can follow the instructions @:

Take a look at the following video made by

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