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How To Root Your myTouch 3G Slide

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, June 25, 2010


The myTouch 3G Slide was released a while back but hadn’t been rooted yet, this is now done thanks to Eugene373. The rooting instructions have just been released and it is now possible to install custom applications, themes, ROMs on your T-Mobile (or Vodafone) myTouch 3G Slide. See the instructions after the break!

To root your myTouch 3G Slide device, follow these instructions (from XDA):

  1. Download the Slide Root zip file @
  2. On your device, navigate to Settings, select Application then Development and make sure you turn on USB Debugging
  3. Turn off your myTouch 3G Slide
  4. Extract the content of the zip file you downloaded to your Android SDK Tools folder on your computer
  5. Open up a command prompt window and navigate to your SDK Tools directory
  6. Boot your myTouch 3G Slide in bootloader mode: turn it on and press and hold Volume Down and Power
  7. From your command prompt execute loop.bat to start a loop on your computer
  8. Now on your myTouch 3G Slide pick Recovery from the bootloader menu
  9. The recovery should load and you should now have an Offline Device.
    Stop the loop on your computer (CTRL+C will do it)
  10. Disconnect the USB cable from your device and plug it back in
    adb should detect your device now, test it and make sure it is in recovery mode
  11. From the menu on your device, pick It will fail and that is normal.
  12. Now back to your computer type: adb push /sdcard/
  13. Then type: adb push
  14. Now type: adb push /sdcard BUT DON’T PRESS ENTER YET.
  15. Back to your myTouch 3G Slide, select again.
    As soon as the process starts press Enter on your computer to start the adb command (adb push /sdcard )
  16. You should now see Clockwork Recovery on your device.
  17. Go to the Partitions menu and select Mount System
  18. Go back then pick install any zip from sdcard
    Make sure you select and pick apply update from zip to complete the root process
  19. Soft reset your device. 
    If you want to check if your device is connected use the command adb devices and you will see it in the list of devices attached
  20. Again from the command prompt type: adb install Superuser.apk
  21. Once Superuser is installed use adb shell to shell to your device.
    Type su to gain root access.

Your device is now rooted, enjoy!

See below the video instructions on how to root your myTouch 3G Slide:

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