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How To Root your HTC EVO 4G

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, June 5, 2010


Finally the wait is over the HTC EVO 4G has been released on Sprint and now that you got your hands on it it is time to root it and load it with custom ROMs! We knew for quite some time now that the HTC EVO 4G had been rooted and the instructions have now been released.

Use it at your own risk, as usual you might and up with a bricked phone if you don’t follow the instructions. You can always go back to the stock Sprint EVO 4G ROM if needed.

Here are the instructions on how to root your Sprint HTC EVO 4G device:

  1. Download the file @
  2. Copy this file to the root of your HTC EVO 4G SD Card
  3. Boot your device in bootloader mode:
    While you turn the phone ON hold the volume down key, continue holding it until you see a white screen on your device.
    After a couple of seconds your device will scan for files on the SD Card and find the file. You should a blue progress bar during the whole process.
  4. When prompted if you want to flash select Yes
  5. When the rooting process is over, it will ask you if you want to reboot select Yes again
  6. Congrats, you’ve just rooted your Sprint HTC EVO 4G
  7. Delete the from your SD Card, you can always copy it again if you need to root your device again

Ok so your phone is now rooted next thing you want to do is to flash a recovery image in order to install custom ROMs on the HTC EVO 4G later.

Here are the instructions on how to install the recovery image on the Sprint HTC EVO 4G:

  1. Download the file @
  2. Extract it to a folder on your computer
  3. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable
  4. In a command prompt / shell type:
    adb reboot recovery
  5. Once your phone is booted into recovery mode, run on your computer recovery-windows.bat on Windows (run as an admin on Windows Vista and 7) or recovery-linux on Linux.
  6. On your HTC EVO 4G use the recovery menu to create a Nandroid backup.
  7. You’re all set! Once custom ROMs are available you will be able to install them.

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