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Windows Phone 7 Leaked at XDA

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, May 16, 2010


Windows Phone 7 Leak for HTC Mondrian This is a big news! 911sniper @ XDA released the first known Windows Phone 7 leak for an unknown HTC device called the HTC Mondrian. The HTC Mondrian hasn’t been released yet but will most likely come to AT&T in the US. This is the first step towards a working Windows Phone 7 ROM on other HTC devices like the HD2. More information after the break. 

This Microsoft Windows Phone 7 release is build 6176 which is pretty new and usually referred to as Windows Phone 7 RC1 (Release Candidate 1), we can expect RC2 and RC3 prior to a final release later this year. Here is some information coming from the XDA thread:

Model: HTC Mondrian (Cingular USA)
AKU: WindowsMobile_7_AKU_6176
Language: 0409_WWE

There isn’t much to do with the released NBH file, we can expect the best Windows Mobile / Phone chef and hackers to be hard at work in the next couple of weeks to release a working ROM for an HTC device.
911sniper also released the HTC SPL and radio.

If you’d like to see Windows Phone 7 Build 6176 take a look at this great video from

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