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How to Jailbreak your Zune

Posted by techhackz-admin Sunday, May 2, 2010


Recently a couple of developers at ZuneBoards have been able to hack the Zune, the music player from Microsoft. This hack opens up the Zune platform and will let users run custom applications, games, emulators etc. It works on all the Zune models including the Zune HD!

OpenZDK or Open Zune Development Kit is the name of the released development kit. This is the work of a couple of folks at ZuneBoards and all the credits go to them!

A couple of wiki sites are detailing how to start using OpenZDK as an end user as well as a developer:

  • [end user]
  • [developer]

Applications built using OpenZDK are available @
A port of Doom has been released, there is also a 3D program called Cubic that you can check out. As the OpenZDK evolves we can be sure more and more apps and games will be released.

The video below shows Doom running on a Zune HD, this is all possible thanks to OpenZDK:

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