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How to Root Your HTC Desire

Posted by techhackz-admin Friday, April 30, 2010


A few weeks back we mentioned a procedure to root your HTC Desire was coming and it has just been released by Paul from . Rooting an Android device like the HTC Desire will enable you to install custom ROMs, newer Android versions, unofficial apps etc. Follow the instructions after the break!

This hack and all the instructions were released this week and all the credits go to Paul O’Brien who worked hard to deliver a root procedure to jailbreak the HTC Desire.

You will need a bootloader version of 0.75 or below on your HTC Desire, it is pretty simple to verify which version you’re currently running:

  • Power off your HTC Desire
  • Turn it back on and hold the Back key while it boots up
  • You’ll see some green text, look for the second line where it says HBOOT and a number
  • If the number is below 0.75, you’re good to go!

To root your HTC Desire you will need:

  • an HTC Desire able to connect to your computer
  • a micro SD Card
  • a microUSB cable
  • the r3-tinycore_2.10-desireroot.iso file you can find @

Here are the step by step instructions on how to root your HTC Desire:

  1. Create a goldcard using your microSD card, follow the instructions @
  2. Burn the ISO file you just downloaded.
  3. Boot the CD you burned.
  4. When prompted press Enter to start Linux.
  5. Once Linux is loaded open up a Terminal.
  6. Power off your HTC Desire.
  7. Turn it back on while holding down the Back key.
  8. When you see fastboot on your device within a red box, connect your HTC Desire to your computer.
  9. In the Terminal window type the following commands:
    sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom
    sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom
    cd /mnt/cdrom/root
    sudo ./
  10. Now using the trackball go to bootloader and pick Recovery in the menu
  11. Back in the Terminal window type:
    sudo ./
  12. Once done, you should see recovery menu.
    Select wipe then pick the option to apply an update zip from sdcard, and select
  13. Wait for the flashing process to be done and reset your HTC Desire.

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