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Apple iPad Jailbreak is confirmed!

Posted by techhackz-admin Monday, April 5, 2010


Apple iPad Jailbreak Spirit We didn’t have to wait too long! The iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd confirmed on Twitter that the iPad is jailbroken thanks to a port of the iPhone Spirit jailbreak hack. Soon we will be able to jailbreak the brand new Apple iPad and enjoy unofficial apps on the iPad!

As we mentioned this iPad Jailbreak hack is based on the iPhone / iPod Touch Spirit hack released by comex and should be released soon by the iPhone Dev Team.

No ETA has been communicated yet and we can expect Apple to try to do something to prevent this hack through a firmware update. It’s only the beginning for the iPad jailbreaking scene!

Here is a picture tweeted by MuscleNerd:Jailbreak iPad Spirit hack iPhone Dev Team

And here is a video also released by MuscleNerd showing the iPad jailbreak hack in action:

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