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Windows Phone 7 Skin for Windows Mobile Devices

Posted by techhackz-admin Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Recently we wrote an article about a Windows Phone 7 home screen replacement for Windows Mobile 6.x from Jaxbot and now we also have a Windows Phone 7 skin for Wisbar Advance Desktop created by LeSScro which looks amazing! Plenty of choices to keep us busy while we wait for Windows Phone 7 ;)

The skin is in beta for now and is available @
It requires Wisbar Advance Desktop 2.x and Mortscript 4.x and is so far available only for WGVA devices, LeSScro is working on a QVGA version that you can see in action below, hopefully it will also be released soon.

It does look promising even if it’s not fully usable yet.

Here are a couple of videos LeSScro uploaded to Youtube:

";" alt="">
Windows Phone 7 Skin - Walkthrough


";" alt="">
Windows Phone 7 Skin - QVGA vs WVGA

You can follow the XDA thread @

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