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HTC eBook Reader Standalone Application for Windows Mobile

Posted by techhackz-admin Saturday, March 13, 2010


The T-Mobile version of the HTC HD2 which is going to be released this month will come with a new eReader tab included in HTC Sense. Indagroove from MobileUnderground has been able to extract the eReader application and package it as a CAB file anyone can run on its device with or without HTC Sense 2.5.

HTC eReader Application for Windows Mobile Book List HTC eReader Application for Windows Mobile Book

As Indagroove points out the eReader tab consumes a lot of memory even if not used so it makes perfect sense to have it as a standalone application you can start whenever you feel like reading a book on your HTC HD2!

This application has now been updated to use the newest eReader application from HTC so expect it to be faster and on top of that you get the ability to connect to Adobe and Borders to get your eBooks.

You can get the CAB file @

Simply download the file and copy it to your device then execute it to install the eReader application.

If you’d like to see the eReader application in action and get some free eBooks, take a look at our previous article:

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